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We don't second guess what will and will not work. We see what works and we use it.

We’ve all seen it. The bad commercial on TV. The obnoxious radio ad. The tacky Facebook post. The advertisement that begs the question: “What were they thinking?”

Buzzwords come and go quickly in the marketing arena, but occasionally one comes around that highlights an important shift in the industry. The term that pops up frequently these days is “responsive advertising”.

In very broad terms, responsive advertising refers to a process enabling advertisers to focus on the advertising and marketing strategies that get the best results and the highest response rates.

Truth be told; you will never know which advertising strategies works until you test different ideas. Furthermore, what worked for one company may not work for yours because they may be promoting different brands to different target audience.

In today’s chaotic advertising and marketing world, there are not many advertising agencies that manage to be very thoughtful when it comes to responsive advertising. Fine Point is one of those rare exceptions.

Here at Fine Point, we don’t always know what messages will resonate with the right audience. That is why we believe in testing our ideas before they become BIG MISTAKES!

When we launch a campaign, we test several messages across different mediums. The campaigns that leads to the most conversions are the ones that we amplify. We don’t second guess what will and will not work. We see what works and we use it. Imagine that, paying for good advertising.

This means that you get much higher success because your ad is based on proven experience, actual results, and tested advert conversion strategies.

This privileged knowledge helped our clients make huge profits through our responsive advertising. That’s why, when business owners demand hard-hitting advert strategies that convert, we’re often the company they turn to.

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As your advertising campaign progresses, these are the variables that we optimize:

  • Messaging – What is the offer?
  • Creative – How is the offer presented?
  • Target demographic – Who gets to see it?
  • Mediums – Where do they see it?
  • Budget – What is the optimum spend?

We are able to adjust the advertising because we are measuring results. We focus on analytics and conversion tracking.  Does it work?  Absolutely, that is why we have won the Marketing Visionary award from the American Marketing Association for two years in a row.

More importantly, it has impacted the bottom line of companies like Alaska Communications and non-profits like Bean’s Cafe. Learn how it can impact yours too.