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Affordable Gas for Alaskans

A small Facebook campaign with BIG Results!

When the City of Valdez tried to influence gas line legislation with a $400,000 campaign, former Alaska Governor Sheffield realized that they did not have the rest of Alaska’s best interest at heart.  He wanted to challenge their advertising but did not generate the same level of financial support.  He was told that Fine Point could help him create a maximum impact with a limited budget.

Facebook AdWith only a budget of $6,500, Fine Point created a petition page on Facebook that allowed Facebook users to login with their account details and sign a petition saying that they supported our cause. This app allowed us to collect a list of supporters and keep them informed on how they too could become involved in shaping Alaska’s future. We asked petition signers to both email and call Juneau.

While legislation was in session, 100% of our advertising was targeted on Juneau.  You could not turn on Facebook without seeing support for the smaller gas pipeline from the North Slope to Anchorage.

Was it successful?


  • We impacted 196,981 Alaskans using Facebook
  • The campaign was clicked 13,047 times.
  • Petitions Signed: 436
  • 6,239 people interacted with the link after viewing the Facebook campaign.
  • Our bill passed with a wide margin.

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