Non-Profit - Fine Point: Anchorage Alaska Advertising Agency

Bean’s Café Facebook Advertising Case Study: Sharing the Holiday Spirit

Fine Point created a Facebook video advertisement that targeted females over the age of 25 during the holiday season; their largest donor base during the time they were most likely to give.   The advertisement was a 6.5 minute video that played when clicked on. Facebook users had the option to “like”, comment, share the video, and to donate.  All actions were tracked.

  • Over 3,000 people watched the 6.5 minute video on Facebook
  • The Bean’s Café 6.5 minute video was shared 904 times
  • Average immediate donation from FB after watching the video was $120.
  • For every $1 that was spent on FB advertising, Bean’s Cafe received an immediate $3.50 in donations.
  • Overall, online donations were up 187% from last year bringing the total to about $115K from last year’s $40K.