Hospitality - Fine Point: Anchorage Alaska Advertising Agency

Promotion Overview

The Dimond Center Hotel wanted to learn how they could use Facebook to encourage Alaskans (outside of Anchorage) to stay at the Dimond Center Hotel.

Fine Point created a Sweepstakes application where visitors could enter to win 40,000 Alaska airline miles as well as smaller weekly prizes. In order to enter the contest, visitors had to first click “like”.

When consumers see that a friend “likes” DCH, they assume that the organization has been vetted by them. In the case of the Facebook advertising campaign, an advertisement appears that shows friends of current fans that their friend “likes” the DCH Sweepstakes and that they should too. When the friend clicks on “like” then the advertisement will be shown to his or her friends as well.

Prior to the campaign the Dimond Center Hotel had only 596 fans with no information about them. Fine Point suggested that the expected growth of the campaign would be 30%. The sweepstakes far exceeded expectations. The realized growth was in fact 403% increase in “likes” with the majority of the new fans being Alaska residents from outside of Anchorage.  Better yet, they had a large database of people who were interested in staying at the Dimond Center Hotel.

Dimond Center Hotel “Get on Board” Facebook Contest

Results Summary

  • “Likes” increased by 403%
  • Fans were generally females 35+ in Alaska but outside of Anchorage, Dimond Center Hotel’s target market.
  • 72.5% opted in to receive additional marketing material from Dimond Center Hotel
  • 80.5% participated in the sweepstakes with at least one other Facebook friend
  • Below are just a few of the comments from the campaign


DCH promotion