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What We Are

Who we are

When Fine Point first opened its doors in 2009, we tried being like everyone else.  We quickly realized two things: 1. You can’t be a master of everything.  2. Most client and advertising agencies aren’t sure which if any advertising is working.

We decided to take those two problems head on by specializing in results-based targeted advertising.  Simply put,

  • We target your consumers by age, gender, and zip code
  • We test which advertising and mediums deliver the best results
  • We optimize advertising based on effectiveness

We believe that Fine Point is part of the new generation of advertising agencies that delivers not just pretty pictures, but  results.

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Our Skills

While we are proud of our skillsets, it is our analytic skills that drives our results.


Global Services

While based in Anchorage, we are proud to have world-wide support.

  • Expert 3D animators
  • World class web developers
  • Amazing graphic designers
  • Search Engine Optimizers
  • Genius video producers

Why Choose Us?

  1. Our initial consultation is always free.
  2. Our fees and services are 100% transparent.
  3. Cost-effective results!

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